Strengthening Systems through Effective Procurement

Strengthening Systems
Effective Procurement

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We welcome you to the E-learning site of the UNFPA Global Programme.

The Global Programme to Enhance Reproductive Health Commodity Security (GPRHCS) aims to assist countries with the skills and guidance to plan for their own needs, and provide training to develop capacity at every step. As such, your commitment to improvement and learning to serve the population, as well as to improve your personal skills, is highly appreciated.

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Through this activity Governments will be strengthened in multiple ways:

Economy and effectiveness: an appropriate solution to the organisation's need with regards to quantity, quality and timeliness at the right price. It also means ensuring that the overall cost to the organisation in conducting the procurement process is minimized in the interests of the overall budget of the organisation.   The budget owner benefits from an improved Economy, while effectiveness ensures the interest of the end-user is met.

Broader markets and optimum combination of factors such as appropriate quality and life-cycle costs, which meet end-user needs.

Best value for money which does not necessarily mean the lowest initial price option, but rather, represents the best return on investment.

Access to high quality, efficient procurement of goods and services.

Reduction of stock-outs.

Secure ethical, environmental and social considerations, which are paramount to donors and the UN such as prevention measures for mismanagement, abuse and corruption; mitigation of abuse of natural and monetary resources while upholding environmental and sustainable considerations.

Target Audience

The target audience includes individuals working in

  • Governments (mainly Ministries of Health and Finance)
  • Civil Society (local education institutions)
  • Grassroots Organisations
  • NGOs
  • UNFPA Country Offices


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